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One of the things that attracted us most strongly to this beautiful farm was the size of the farmhouse.  It has seven bedrooms and three full bathrooms.  We knew that it would provide space for the beginning of our hospitality ministry – primarily to children in need, as well as to guests and volunteers.

As yet, four of the bedrooms are partially finished, and three are still in the state we found them when we bought the house, which is to say that they are in need of total renovation.  Two of the bathrooms are very nearly finished and the third has not yet been touched.

The Project::

This summer and autumn, we will need to begin constructing built-in bunk beds in each of three partially finished bedrooms and to install shelves and hanging bars in the closets for clothing storage.  Floors need to be finished, and trim installed around baseboards and windows to help snug up the house and reduce our heating bills.

In order to make space for the two newest members of the Gadbois family, adopted from Bulgaria, we will need to begin the process of finishing the third floor bedrooms and bathroom. These will provide space for the Gadbois family’s adult children who currently still live on the farm and help with the ministry.  It should also provide an extra bedroom for guests and/or volunteers.

Walls have already been mostly demolished.  Storage items will need to be removed to our storage rental.  Insulation and new windows must be installed, as well as a new section of the heating system to service the upper floor.  Plumbing has been roughed into the bathroom, and electric is stumped.  The finish plumbing for the bathroom and electric to all rooms will need to be done as well as board, plaster, trim, and painting.

The Need::

  • Muscle and know-how
  • Board and plaster
  • Insulation
  • Electrician and plumber

If you are interested in volunteering to help with this project, please email us at

If you are interested in making a gift of materials or supplies, please email us at or make a monetary gift using the link below:

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