Ways to Help

Renaissance Family Apostolate is a self-sustaining association of the faithful, entrusted to Deacon Brian Gadbois and his wife, Nissa. We seek to model Christ’s love by ministering to families and children in crisis, to operate a retreat hostel and temporary housing for families in crisis, to provide Catholic education to children, and be renewing and strengthening families through various programs and retreats.

We do not seek non-profit status from the government in order to leave us free to practice our faith in complete obedience to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Instead, we seek to sustain our ministry through various cottage industries, including our farm shop, in keeping with our Benedictine charism.

Our commission is to strengthen families according to the teachings of the Church for the nourishment and salvation of souls.

When families are strong and whole, when family life is valued, all of its members are free to love – to will the good of others.