Current Needs

If you have equipment to give or to loan, supplies or labour to offer, we would be ever so grateful.  Below is a list of our current needs.  Please also see our current projects for more information.

Equipment and Materials:

  • 2 power hand planes
  • insulation
  • board and plaster
  • 2″ plug cutter
  • plunge router
  • joiner
  • ceramic/enamel utility sink
  • water silo
  • 9mm  greenhouse plastic


  • weed cloth
  • drip irrigation hose
  • t-junctions, cross junctions, chainlink fence top rails
  • metal tubing


  • hoop house construction
  • home improvement jobs (light construction, painting)
  • electrical
  • plumbing

Miscellaneous items:

  • Lowes or Home Depot gift cards
  • Tile Shop gift card/certificate
  • small table 40″ x 24″