Workers in the Vineyard



“The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few” Luke 10:2

Part of the mission of our farm is to provide the very best food for the least of our brothers and sisters.  Poor families find it difficult to afford produce and meats, let alone those foods and others that are GMO and chemical free.  Often, they are the ones who need those nutrients most.  Stress and poor nutrition, sometimes also drug and alcohol use, deteriorate health dramatically.  The children of the poor are often sick with diseases that were traditionally associated with the aged.  We know that excellent nutrition is key to health.  Every day we’re learning more and more about how good nutrition can often do more to heal the body than modern medicines.  It can reduce stress, increase cognitive function, and allow a person to reach his full potential.

We want to produce enough food to feed up to 100 families through donations to area food pantries and shelters.  The remaining food raised here will sustain our ministry through farmstand and market sales to our customers.

We are seeking twelve volunteers to begin working with us full time here on the farm this fall. 

Tasks will include:

cleaning and organizing (barn, milkhouse, etc.)
animal care (feeding, moving, grooming, etc.)
land management (tree work, brush cutting, etc.)
construction (barn repairs, greenhouse, etc.)
farming (sugaring, seed starting, etc.)

In the spring, the twelve will lead small teams of volunteers to plant and tend crops and animals, deliver food boxes, help at the farmstand or markets.  Experience is not required, only a willingness to learn.  Volunteers must be committed to hard work and stability.  Farm work is dirty and wet, it happens in all weather, and it happens every day.  But there is nothing we know of that is more rewarding – physically or spiritually.  No other work we have done has brought us into closer communion with God.

If you are feeling led to be one of the twelve, please send us an email at serve@renaissance-family.com